Thursday, October 30, 2008

Strawbale night study

Years ago, we here at home in Tucson, got a wild and crazy idea to add on a room to our house by in filling the patio, 18' x 18', with straw bale walls. Of course we had to do most of the work ourselves. Of course we weren't qualified. Of course it took at least three years longer than we'd planned. Of course, technically, it's not completed in the interior closet area. However, it is a glorious room and we humbly pat ourselves on our backs for having got this far...and for surviving. Even the little pony wall on the porch hasn't been painted yet.

This view is so comforting and inviting that I love to go outside and stand in front of my studio and stare at the lighting, the strong, thick walls, the beautiful solid wood door with the lovely flagstone on the porch.

Inspired by Silvina's Blog and her gorgeous nocturne, I set to work on this little study. It is 5" x 7" on gessoed panel.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful sky! I like this nocturne because you cleverly used a lit structure as the subject. The color of that sky is just marvelous.

building on an existing patio is how I got my studio too! Mine isn't nearly as large as yours and the exterior isn't as cool looking either. But I do sometimes stand outside the door and contemplate how great it is that I have a studio at all.

Thanks for the link back.

Edgar said...

Feels like coming home. That's a good thing. Makes you grateful, and we need refuge from the storms.

I like how you used red for the dark building... counter-intuitive, but it works so well! The blue sky and shadows on the ground complement the orange lit areas, and rather than going to a cooler color, or browner, you kept the key up in the shadows.

Barbara Muir said...

This is a beauty. My sister-in-law
lives in a straw-walled house. She and her husband and the odd family
helper built both a coach house and a large house that they live in, in

The painting is spectacular. Great colour and light.

Take care,


Jeffrey J. Boron said...

Just lovely Melinda (the painting)and good on ya for the sustainable and beautiful construction!!!!!!!
Big wow factor here!!


Melinda said...

Thank you so much for stopping by. I didn't even think about using light in the nocturne--unconscious move.

Although I use this stawbale room for a studio, mostly I'm in a much smaller space! I am grateful, as you are, to have any studio space at all. We are very, very fortunate indeed.

Melinda said...

You always have such interesting things to say. I didn't really think of being counter intuitive with the red. I think I was worried about getting too muddy. It's hard for me to hold back on fauvist color.

Melinda said...

Wow. That is really great that your sister-in-law lives in a straw-walled house, especially in a colder climate. I wish our entire house could be in straw. The old section of our home is mud adobe and that is very cool in the summer too.

You are a wonderful colorist. Thank you for your comment.

Melinda said...

I'm glad that you like the night study. I'm so inspired by your work (your clouds are truly wonderful) and really appreciate your comment.

We are really trying to lessen our footprint and I wish we could do so much more!

Kimmi said...

Love this! Beautiful colors