Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Perhaps a Mirage--

Sometimes a mirage helps us break the "thousand mile stare" (or attitude) and offers a landscape of ideas and possibilities. And, sometimes, it just freezes us in our tracks. That's where I am right now. Makes me think of nights of full moons with wispy clouds and twinkling stars. Or, I think of those stunning nights when the moon is just a sliver of light--offering us hope and beauty. "When the moon of a hundred equal faces comes out, the silver coins weep in the pocket." --from Federico García Lorca's The Moon Rises (Translation--Diana Guillermo) Struggling with words, struggling with paint, struggling with the guitar...Must mean a breakthrough is coming. This is a re-worked painting that had been bothering me for quite sometime. I posted this last year and felt that the first version was the one I wished I'd kept. Anyway, here is another experiment, oil on 9" x 12," on artists' board. A mirage, I suppose, like the landscape of a night full of moon, buildings of dark clouds racing to crumble overhead, spilling their contents, while twinkling lights fade out.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Update: Kate--A Few Bright Spots

It's been very comforting to have such support from all of you. I wanted to let you know that we continue to be cautiously optimistic about our Miz Katers. She has such a good and strong spirit. We think if any dog has a chance of beating this awful disease, tick fever, she can. It's been a week now since we thought we would put her down, but have since decided that the few bright moments we observe suggest that we should wait and see. I took this photo in 2008, but doesn't it look like a dog's head--seems eerily relevant, don't you think? Until then, we'll all be taking care of Kate--even Loki (the GSD on the left, the one who looks tough, but is a huge baby and a 'city dawg'), has joined in.
  I've been going through old work again and found this Katchina Study (6" x 8," oil on panel), thinking it's a good thing to consider all kinds of spiritual help right now. It is in the style of T. C. Cannon, who has been another inspiration over the years.
  Thank you again, everyone. Wishing you healthy pets!