Friday, November 16, 2012

Tucson Artist, Melinda, Thanks Everyone Who Stopped By!

Here it is Friday, and I'm just now feeling like I've recovered from last weekend's open studio tour. It was a blast.

We had a music jam, lots of laughter and chatting, and some treats. But most of all, we had intelligent, witty, kindhearted visitors. It was so very wonderful to see everyone. Oh, yeah, and I did this quick painting on Saturday. It's not done, but Mr. Arty Fice made a time lapse of the process:

Thank you!

I did sell four paintings!

Winter Dark

Winter Dark © Melinda Esparza

New Mexico Hill and Junipers

New Mexico Hill and Junipers © Melinda Esparza

 Sun Fell, Sky Followed

Sky Fell, Sun Followed © Melinda Esparza
 Redwall Canyon

Redwall Canyon © Melinda Esparza

Thank you, dear artist bloggers who keep me committed to the work. Wish you all could stop in sometime! More soon...

Monday, November 5, 2012

2012 Fall Open Studio Tour: Artist Melinda Dreams

Ghost Ranch Mesa (oil on canvas 30" x 30" © Melinda Esparza)
The 2012 Fall Open Studio Tour is only a few days away. And, the preview exhibit of artists' works is currently up at the Jewish Community Center until this Thursday evening's reception from 5:30 pm 'til 7:30 pm.

I noticed that there is an article in the Zocalo magazine on the open studio tour. It's nicely written and I even got a blurb in it. I thought C. J. Shane did a good job writing about the event.

We Tucsonans get so excited when the weather cools to a balmy 90 degrees. We just want to dance! Here are The Missing Parts playing at a farmers market while a cutie-pie leads them.
Some of my favorite paintings are available for this open studio event. Some are no longer up--sold, or gone to the woodshed.

Here are a few that haven't been seen for awhile:
Little Mighty Vole Hunts Prickly Pear (oil on panel © Melinda Esparza)
Windy Point, And I Do Have One (oil on artists' board © Melinda Esparza)

Winter Dark (oil on artists' board © Melinda Esparza)
I do hope you'll stop by and share the day with me. I might even pull out some paints and smear them on something. How 'bout that?

Wishing you all a very safe week ahead. My thoughts, along with yours, toward a speedy recovery for all those struggling with weather back East.