Saturday, May 29, 2010

O for the Love of Dog, Plus Artist Incognito

You see, I have these oily rags in my studio and they remind me every day how risky this is. And this thought reminds me of a video I saw on youtube about a man who had some oily rags lying in the corner of his workshop.

O Dogs. They are wonderful: Shepherd Leads State Trooper to Fire:

Still somewhat incognito in Arizona. This painting is a reworked one from last year: Self Portrait Like Hybrid Flowers. I like this one for right now.

Be safe in your studio, even if you have a rescue dog...

Monday, May 24, 2010

A Different Kind of Cloud Bank

I thought it might be nice to paint a study of abstracted clouds and space. This painting is 8" x 8," oil on artists' board.

Monday, May 17, 2010

"Who Does She Think She Is?" Art, Painting of Clouds on a Good Day

Days are always better with a look up--- This is for Linny--From a photo: Looking West One Day, 8" x 8," oil on artists' board. She and Jeffrey J. Boron are well known inspirations! And, here's a link to an interview with Maye Torres talking about life as a woman artist. I recently watched the film, "Who Does She Think She Is?" and found it to be excellent.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Color Returns: Tucson, Art and Things Heating Up

I'm pleased to report that the city of Tucson, along with Flagstaff, AZ, are suing the state over the recent immigration law signed by Governor Jan Brewer. The temperature today: 92 degrees, or 33.3333 C. As some of you know, one of my blog posts was plagiarized recently. But, what you didn't know was that I also dropped my know. (!) Nobody wants to use it now. Sheesh. And, our dear KayDee dog has tick fever. She's gonna be fine with meds. The phone?...not so much. I'm also pleased to report that I am still here (relatively cheerful!), still working, hopeful that we will continue to converse on subjects aesthetic, political, personal and global. I will, however, be thinking about these issues as they relate to being online. If you want more information about blogging and plagiarism, which I didn't know was so pervasive, here is a link to a wonderful blogger, Velveteen Mind, who did something about it, and a link to Mr. Artyfice's rant. Feel free to weigh in. This painting is worked from the photo I took for the solarplate image you see from the previous post. It is 9" x 12", oil on linen panel artists' board. Happy Cinco de Mayo!