Thursday, February 12, 2009

...Und Vahlet....Und Vahtch

Put on a sweater, wear long pants. Oh right, don't forget to change from the summer flip flops (white) to the winter flip flops (black). Grab camera, forget dogs, race for Sabino Canyon once again. This time with the pre-paid, displayed, park tag.

Alright. Maybe race isn't quite my style anymore. But, hey. A scientist recently wrote, "The early bird catches the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese."

Snow on the Santa Catalinas, cool air, crisp blue skies and the sights and sounds of the desert are so exciting that it inspired a completely different approach this week.

Here are the three paintings (9" x 12") goodness, one painted each day.
I chose to simplify and ask how the landscape makes me feel rather than try to capture the stunning sights before me (often I feel too inept for realism).

I took many photos and I've linked a slideshow of them at the bottom of this post.


Joan Breckwoldt said...

Hi Melinda,
I love all three of these paintings, especially the middle one. How wonderful that you are able to paint what something feels like rather than just render it. These are all packed with emotion, wonderful!!!

susan hong-sammons said...

Hi Melinda, Really great textures you're getting in these paintings. And I love the rich colors. Looking forward to seeing more. S

Karen said...

Melinda, the paintings are really wonderful. They really do have so much feeling to them, so you completely succeeded in asking how does the landscape make me feel.

I think, no matter how "realistic", one's work is, if those questions aren't asked...What is it about this that makes me want to paint it? What's the point? Why am I using paint to get at that point? ...then the work will suffer.

The yellow one is especially surprising and delightful in that it seems like pulling something out of how little can you use and say something BIG!

Jala Pfaff said...

Beautiful simplicity! The middle one's my favorite.

Melinda said...

Hi Joan,
After each one, I thought the one I had just finished was my favorite...I'm so glad that you like the middle one. I was a bit hesitant about it at first.

Thank you very much for the encouragement!

Melinda said...

Hi Susan,
Thank you so much for your enthusiastic response. I was really nervous about these, but I was also having so much fun that I didn't care if I made a mistake. Yes, I hope to do more soon!

Melinda said...

Hi Karen,
It means a lot that you find these paintings successful. I have been struggling with approach for quite awhile. I love realism, well, and every style of painting. I guess I'd like to master all genres. I know, not wise.

You're so right. If we aren't asking ourselves the important questions, the work will show that.

You are insightful as well as talented. The yellow one surprised me too, and I had a similar reaction. I've been wanting to say more by doing less---for years. I'm going to meditate on this some more.

Melinda said...

Thank you, Jala!
I am seeking simplicity this week. And, I hope from now on...

I'm glad you like the middle one too. It was kind of relaxing working this way. Not so much of a struggle.

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Melinda,

Wow, wow, wow. Great paintings, lovely writing and fantastic photos.
How lucky you are to be able to walk around in such beauty!

Thanks for a great blog.


Jeffrey J. Boron said...

Thanks so much for the wonderful road trip day I hope to be behind the camera/painting somewhere in that wonderful south west landscape that you portray so well!

I admire your fearless approach in all three of these pieces...the middle one is my fav...


daviddrawsandpaints said...

Direct, honest, heartfelt, unadulterated - wish I could paint like that!

Edgar said...

Damn, Melinda! Looks like ... art!

Keep it coming, yes?

Anonymous said...

Ha, summer flip flops vs. winter flip flops! Funny!
I'm guessing the post title is "...and wallet ...and watch" with a german accent?

I really like the last painting. Magenta with blue is one of my absolute favorite color combos. I like seeing the photos of the real together with your artistic interpretation.

Vhat a fantastical site for zee plein air paintink.

Patrice said...

I love the first painting. Wonderful color, reminds me a bit of Milton Avery, one of my favorite minimalist landscape painters. It's all about knowing what to leave out.

Melinda said...

Thank you so much, Barbara, Jeffrey and David!!

I do feel pretty blessed to be able to get to this beautiful place. I wish I could get out there more often.

Any time you want to visit the region, just lemme know and I'll guide you to the best place to park...

I see elements of this looseness in your paintings too.

Melinda said...

Wow. Thank you Edgar, Silvina and Patrice!

Okay, Edgar...I'll not try. That way I will. You get it, right?!

Ha! Silvina, ha! You are just too darn smart. Do you realize that? You're talented, smart, funny AND insightful. Did I say that you like all of my favorite colors, too?! Thank you for liking the last painting. I thought that one might not show the paint as well as the others.

Hi Patrice,
Thank you for stopping by. I love Milton Avery and can only hope to paint more like him in the future. It's humbling to read that you see a similarity. I'll strive to go forward with this approach.