Saturday, March 28, 2009

El Fuerte And A Plassion for Painting

No time to paint this last week--too much staying up late, visiting with our college boy and submitting three pieces to the TMA's Arizona Biennial '09. While this is something I've done for the past eight years, always rejected alas, it is still a thrill to consider the possibility. A good exercise, yes, to keep going, not caring about rejection, not marking any particular event as an ultimate goal, but always looking forward to the next opportunity?!

So, it was really nice to sit outside this morning and make a small caran d'ache drawing of our little adobe (5 1/2" x 8"). Looks like it's smiling. I think this week it is--having the pack altogether again.

And then, I visited Barbara Paints and, to my surprise and delight, she listed me and others for the Passion for Painting Award!

How cool is that?!! I hope you'll visit her blog and drink in her colors and her passion for life and art. It is such an honor to be named with the fabulous artists she also awarded. Please take a look at their work too.

What are the seven things I'm most passionate about? Ah...

1. Doing some kind of good each day, looking for some opportunity to help someone, encourage someone or to offer a small measure of gentleness to a person or animal in need.

2. It is very important to me to stay informed about politics and how it will shape our collective future. Haven't we all learned that being educated, asking the right questions, taking time to think about the serious issues are not mere hobbies, but effect each of us locally--sometimes in short order?!

3.Family...need I say more?

4. Color

5. Composition

6. Artists: from the past, male or female, and the contemporary ones working today. Mostly, I am passionate about the artists working in the last 50 years because they don't get enough recognition.

7. If I could sum up the heart of my passion, I would have to say living as authentically as possible, being true to that still small voice within that knows what is right...and not wavering to please others, no matter how well-intentioned, to be or do something that just doesn't ring true.

Here are seven artists I think share in this kind of passion for painting:


Loriann Signori

Joyce Washor

Katherine Treffinger

Karen Phipps

Susan Hong-Sammons

Joan Breckwoldt


Barbara Muir said...

Hi Melinda,

I wrote in the comment section that you won the award thinking you didn't know, and then saw that you did.I love the Caran D'ache of your adobe. It does look like it's smiling, enjoying the pack. You do deserve a Passion for Painting. I love that you mention colour, and composition. I'm also glad that you listen to the inner voice. I think mine is a dictator, so I'm always telling her to shut up. Now my students charge me a penny each time I say shut up, and we're giving the money to a charity. If I stop saying it, and you've inspired me, we may just be able to buy Leo, the kid collecting the money, a coffee. Too Funny.

Your work is great, your writing is great, and you are great!!!!


Melinda said...

Hi Barbara,
I was wandering around last night and started out by posting, then viewing your lasted work and finally discovered your award! It was such a pleasant surprise.

I really like your charging your dictator money. Dictators don't like that!!

Gee. Wouldn't want Leo to miss out, but I do want you to quiet the mean critique. You deserve more praise.

Joyce Washor said...

I'm honored to be awarded a passionate painter!! And I also think your color sense is right on!! Extraordinary!

loriann signori said...

I always love checking in to your blog even if I don't always comment. I am quite honored to learn that you have chosen me for this award. I will complete my duties when I return from my travels.
Thank you for thinking of me as a passionate painter. Takes one to know one!!!!

Melinda said...

Hi Joyce,
Thank you for stopping by! I love your work and am inspired by how dedicated you are.

Thank you, too, for the kind words. Color is life, yes?!

Melinda said...

Hi Loriann,
Your work is so evocative and grand. Thank you for commenting. Come by anytime, even if you don't always have time to write. I understand completely.

Thank you for your generous comment. My... Smiling with you!!

Jeane Myers said...

Melinda - this is my first time at your blog and I've had a wonderful time here - thank you so much for this award and your kind comments on my blog! I'm honored - I will display it proudly - thanks

Melinda said...

Hi Jeane,
So glad you stopped by! Your work is wonderful and I hope you'll visit again.

susan hong-sammons said...

Thanks so much Melinda!!!