Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Grand Canyon, Small Scale

Not to belabor the concept, but here is an 8" x 8" oil on panel of one famous peak in the Grand Canyon called, Isis Temple, that I painted last week. I wanted to paint a more contemporary iteration of the view. The photo from which I'm working was taken at the rim, next to the Bright Angel Trail.

Today is a glorious Tucson day, full of sunlight, warmth, and cool, gentle breezes. The Gem show is kicking off and the mood of the Old Pueblo is sound. We are also looking forward to...hang on to your barometers...more...rain. Our water barrels are full, but we'll take more! The desert really needs it.

I've also included a photo of a very strange, non-native succulent that blooms in our front yard this time of year. Does anyone know the name of it? Hint: It is native to Madagascar. I use to call Madagascar, antimacassar (bonus question: Does anyone know what an antimacassar is? If so, you. are. old. very old) Answer at end of post...

What's it like where you are today?
Be careful with your monitor as you flip it to read the following answer: ɐuɐıʇuoɯǝɹbıɐp ǝoɥɔuɐ1ɐʞ

Answer to bonus question: antimacassar


Barbara Muir said...

Gorgeous painting. Got the answer to one question. My Mac has a very good dictionary. So don't go calling me old. It's a piece of cloth you put over the back of a chair, and a nice descriptive word to use for all the blankets and pieces of cloth we have over every piece of furniture because of the dog and cats.

Absolutely love the painting. You inspire me. You can't do too much canyon.


Melinda said...

Oh, I just knew you'd know that word. I think if you've known anyone British or at least anyone eighty years old, you might have heard this word eons ago. Or... you're old...Ha! (kidding, of course, you're still a young woman)

Thank you for your kind comment. I've started to worry that it is too much canyon.

Virtual hugs!

Karen said...

You are hilarious that you make us flip our monitors...were you thinking of us all this morning doing that, or, turning our heads upside down?

No way, not too much canyon. They all are their own singular takes on it. They each have their own voices.

Melinda said...

Why yes, Karen. Yes, I was. And I giggled like a middle schooler too. Ha.

Neat trick, eh? Hope no monitors were hurt during this exercise...

Thank you for your comment! I'm beginning to see a series here and, well, I'm kinda liking it. Although, knowing me, I'll have to mix it up a bit from time to time. In fact, last night I was working on a new painting for an upcoming event that is a different scene, slightly different style.

Anonymous said...

Love the hot/cold contrasted, fearless use of colors and shapes.
This is so alive with brightness.

The entire series is like that. How challenging it has to be to take the largest space and reduce it to 6 inches. Your painting is pretty darn grand on its own.

Funny that word antimaccasar. I was always tempted to see it as " anti-massacre ", something we can do with a whole lot less of.

Fun post again Melinda.

SamArtDog said...

Isis would love this loud-colored dress to wear with her bangles! Just like the desert will love blooming tons of loud colors come spring. With all this rain, it's a sure thing.

I must be an old coot; I knew what an antimacassar is. When I was a kid, I always wondered whose auntie Miss Casser was.

Melinda said...

Oh, that's great, Bonnie! I love your version, although it's a bit graphic! But, I agree. You've got the right idea about having less of that violence stuff.

Thank you for your generous comment. This project has been instructive and inspiring.

Melinda said...

Ha! SamArtDog! I like your take on antimacassar too! Wow. I never would have thought of that, but it's a very friendly version of the word, you ole coot. ;) Just kidding. I know you're a youngin'.

Thank you for the imagery and kind comment. Yes, the rain is much appreciated. The saguaros are plumping up and the mesquites are a bit confused--half of their little leaves are gone, half are trying to turn green for spring.

Salon Delucca said...

your color sense is so delicious! :)

cohen labelle said...

You have an exotic streak in you Melinda, which I love and the fact that it finds its way into your beautiful use of color!!
xo, Marcia

Anonymous said...

The colors work so well together. It is a very striking painting. I love it.

Melinda said...

Thank you, Jeane! That's just what I think when I see your work--yum. I'm really enjoying your assemblages too!

Melinda said...

Exotic streak?! Yay. I like this label. I don't think anyone who has met me would think that about me, but my work...hmmm. Maybe. I'll keep heading in that direction!

Thank you so much, Marcia!!!

Melinda said...

Hi Jean,
Thank you! It is pretty much an intuitive approach for the colors. Well, and everything else as well.

I'm loving your watercolors too!

Jala Pfaff said...

Hi Melinda!
This is so gorgeous, the color is so luscious!!
I knew what an antimacassar was (I don't know WHY I knew), and I even recognized the plant (though I didn't know the name). Do I get a silver star?
Every time I see the word antimacassar, I see it is "anti-massacre."

Jeffrey J. Boron said...

Ouch...damn...I should have scrolled down a little further. Note to self...always read all the instructions! =;-))

I like this paintings abstract simplicity and of course the way you used colour here. It seems to appear as an extension to your 'GRAND' canyon painting!


Melinda said...

Well, my dear Jala, you have won the gold star of the day!! I'm very impressed that you know these two things and I can tell by your photo that you are not old. :)

Thank you for your generous comment!

Melinda said...

Yikes, Jeffrey...so sorry for not including the safety instructions at the beginning of the post waaay before the displayed answer! I just hate it when that happens. :)

I've got some duct tape for that monitor should you need some.

Thank you for such a nice comment about this painting. The more abstracted version is my inner child rebelling against all of that realism. Whew!

Linny D. Vine said...

You make delicious paintings, Melinda! I love the colors and the flowy feel. It was a beautiful sunny day in Victoria and nearly a record breaker for warmth, too. (Almost Madagascar weather.) I cheated and read Barbara's answer - "a non holey doily"? Thank-you for sharing your fleurs with us, Melinda, and they look good from upside down but I like your painting best right side up. Happy rainy days, to you!

Melinda said...

That's very kind of you, Linny! Thank you for your comment. I'm glad that you've had some "Madagascar weather" and hope that your area gets all of the rain it needs too.

Yes, Barbara continues the tradition with blankets. I do too. I have an old crocheted blanket that covers the sofa at night because the dogs love to sleep there when we're not around, or looking!

Would you believe it rained almost all day today?! We don't know how to act!