Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Red Dot Conversation and Panned at 37, 000 Feet

Image © 2010 Melinda S. Esparza

The Notch, 9" x 12" oil on artists' board (not finished)
I have so many stories I'd like to tell and maybe I can get to some of them. Mr Artyfice is working on something that I hope he'll be able to post soon. He'll tell you an interesting one, too.

But first, let me backtrack for a moment. If you will, go to The Madness of Art and watch Jim's conversation with Dru about the use of the red dot--hilarious! Then, come on back..........................

Okay. Two days before our open studio tour, one of my paintings sold online. Smart move by the buyer, because it has happened in the past that people have jockeyed to get here first to buy a particular piece. Of course, I had just seen The Madness of Art's piece on this and later that evening, Edgar and I had the "red dot conversation." We had to mark the title card paid, but...we laughed ironically that we were now making some kind of art statement-----and we didn't know which one! Yeah, yeah, I know. The main one was: Sold. However, you know as an artist that money is secondary to the work and the hope that people enjoy it.

Hey, this painting doesn't look like Tucson!
You are correct, dear artist. We had the privilege of traveling back east a few weeks ago and found the most exotic lands.
We saw no evil there.
Image © 2010 Melinda S. Esparza

Anyone know where this is?
Confession: I've always admired the work of my fellow artist bloggers and famous artists such as Wolf Kahn and Russell Chatham, and often thought they were puffing/enhancing the landscape to express their emotional connections. What I did not quite understand, until October, was that they were telling the truth about a magical land, the northeast! I thought it would be hard for me to find subject matter with strong graphical elements. Sheesh, was I wrong. My apologies for such naiveté and apologies to the famous women landscape artists of the North East whom I could not find today as I researched.
My eyes were full of color:
Image © 2010 Melinda S. Esparza

I sat on marble steps:
Image © 2010 Melinda S. Esparza

One more hint:
Image © 2010 Melinda S. Esparza

And, I was panned at 37,000 feet.
Image © 2010 Melinda S. Esparza

To while away the hours flying, I used my neocolors to paint the sky and clouds as we flew over the Midwest. I'm working diligently with my cup of water, Q-tips and small container of water soluble crayons on hand when the flight attendant (one of the most solicitous I've ever had the pleasure of knowing) kept coming by and glancing at my work. When I was done, she stopped and took a longer look. I posited, sky? She replied, "No. I see an ocean with the waves hitting the shoreline. Sorry!"

Aha. I see. Well, I replied, that's good that you interpret it personally. Edgar whispered that he thought she should not quit her day job.

More soon! Should I offer a prize to the first one who guesses where we were? Now, already know, so I hope you'll wait this one out.


SamArtDog said...

Harkness Tower.

What do I win?

Anonymous said...

I think I know where you were. But I cheated because I looked up that sculpture. So I'm not going to give it away.

What a lovely time of year to go! The trees look so brilliant, as does your painting.

Melinda said...

Sorry, SamArtDog. Try again!

I'm thinking that I would either mail out some cactus candy from Cheri's Desert Harvest or send out some locally milled mesquite flour.

What do you think about that?
You can keep trying until it's guessed.

Good luck!

Melinda said...

Hi Silvina! I think you can use whatever means available to guess it. Did I make this too easy for you?!

You are a clever artist...Go for it!

Thank you for your comment about the painting. I'm gonna play a little more with it, and with some other images. It's a real challenge to work in another environment!

Melinda said...

How 'bout this, Silvina, and everyone guessing the location? Everyone who emails me privately with the right answer gets the prize of their choice? Either cactus candy or mesquite flour--your choice.

cohen labelle said...

Melinda I hope you'll reconsider doing anything more to the Notch, it's riveting as is!!!
Melinda ever since you - I'm guessing - returned from an east coat visit and cleaning up at last weekends successful studio tour, you seem to be jumping out of your skin with infectious high spirits, and a lovely glow lingers and emanates. Moreover I see beautiful work in the works from your journal and I love the photos you posted of your studio. So where were you? Fall colors like that - was it New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont? Adirondacks maybe - hey not Quebec or Ontario? Am I close? Am I warm at least?
xo Marcia

Melinda said...

Dear Marcia!
Thank you so much for your vote of confidence on the status of my quick study. You know, I'm really shy about painting an environment so exotic to me. I might feel compelled to lightly finish it, but I will consider your generous critique and will be careful.

You are correct about my enthusiasm about the open studio and the grand journey. To have people who truly enjoyed my work, say that it looks even better in person, and for a few to buy, was waaaaay beyond any expectations that I had. And, the journey? I can hardly contain my joy.

You are warm on some counts re the location, but alas, we did not leave the country. Please guess again!

Virtual hugs!!

cohen labelle said...

Well Melinda, I'm thinking you went to see your son! That's why you hopped on a plane, to go visit your son who I''m guessing is a student at a small college in Massachusetts. But which one - there are so many! e gads - I'll start with 'a' - Amherst? But more importantly - your quick study, 'The Notch' it's a gem as is - looks like you just breathed it out.
xo, Marcia

Melinda said...

Open a window, Marcia. You are very, very warm. Are you sweating yet?!

However, the Lord Jeffs are persona non grata for some...In fact, well...a story later.

You are right about the trip. Oh, to breathe out a painting. Yes, I would love that.

You are medicine for this old heart.

Don't give up!

cohen labelle said...

Ok Melinda, that's good - I'm sweating. So I open my window and stick my head out and what do I think I see - with my binoculars, that is - I see Williamstown and they have a college, Williams College! So am I starting to sweat in earnest now or am I cooling off? Should I keep trying?

Edgar said...

How exciting! A guessing game. You make me laugh and smile, Melinda. Too bad I appear in the fine print on this one ..."Employees and members of their family are not eligible," but it's a hoot to watch the scramble.

Man, that notch painting lights up my screen! Your apologies to those 'green country' artists aside... I hope you enjoy traveling and getting more grist for that palette, cause I think you've found some more reasons to paint.

As for Dru and Jim's speculation - I'm leaning toward the red dot creating a little bit of, what? Interest? Credibility? Envy, even? It definitely seemed to generate some conversation around "Grand Canyon, Small Scale" during the tour... Certainly spices up the event.

Melinda said...

Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! You have guessed it, Marcia!

Well done (smiling here).

Now, if you'll send me an email, privately, with your address, I'll send you the prize (cactus candy from Cheri's Desert Harvest, or some mesquite flour, your choice) this week!

Joan Breckwoldt said...

Dear Melinda,
How wonderful to come back and visit your blog and catch up with your beautiful paintings and your writing, makes me feel like I'm visiting an old friend! My apologies for not doing any commenting lately, so I want to thank you especially for still checking my blog. What a nice comment you left me today, when I read it, I thought, "well, somebody gets what I'm doing!". thank you!
Your show looked wonderful, thank you for sharing your success. And I love your recent sketches too!

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Melinda,

Well I certainly enjoyed seeing your magnificent work and beautiful photos. And saint-in- training that I am I also enjoyed reading the progress of the contest, although barred from participating. What a hoot. You've caused quite a stir in this frozen clime getting the locals all hot under the collar about the prize. Congratulations to the winner/winners.

But the northeast wants you back again, just take a one and a half hour plane ride north of the location in question.


Melinda said...

Sorry you couldn't play, Edgar. Wha! Wha!

The Madness of Art had me flummoxed, I say. Flummoxed. I was also delighted to have the problem.

I'm glad you enjoyed this. Maybe I can do this again sometime.

You know, I would love to go back there again soon. Win the lottery!

Melinda said...

Hello, dear Joan!
It's always a pleasure when you stop by. You are welcome any time. Yes, I like to think that I am an old friend...and I am...old...and a friend! (smiling)

Thank you for your kindness. We have such a wonderful community here, don't we? It is like a utopia where we artists come to experience support and generosity and understanding.

I really appreciate your comment. Thank you.

Best wishes always with your artwork!

Melinda said...

Ah, Barbara, it was tough asking you not to join in, but I had already chatted with you about the trip.

You are a saint-in-training. And, I must say, you're doing a wonderful job of it.

Thank you for the invitation to the northeast area. I would love to go back and to head north. We'll see. I'll buy a lottery ticket every once in awhile and see what happens. Of course, until I win that, I'll keep painting and hope for more patrons.

You're a dear! Virtual hugs.

Anonymous said...

I always enjoy reading your posts/stories. Love the first painting a lot. Your colors area always so alive.

Melinda said...

Thank you so much, Jean. I'm glad you enjoy the work and the posts.

It means a great deal to me. I really enjoy visiting your blog too!

Betsy Grant said...

I've no idea where you are in the sky there, but it's quite lovely. I also love the painting of the orange trees.

Melinda said...

Hi Betsy,
I'm glad you enjoy the work, even though there is no location for the sky sketch. All I could see were clouds and sky, but the pilot had just announced that we were somewhere west of Detroit.

Thank you for your comment, too, about the trees!

Linny D. Vine said...

Melinda, I love "The Notch" finished or not! I'm guessing that you visited the city of Toronto? (I hope that there are more prizes like your cookies from studio tour recipe....)

Melinda said...

You're so nice, Linny. Thank you! I have touched up The Notch, but have kept it essentially the same.

Well no, we didn't make it to Toronto this time, but that city and Vancouver are on my list. Marcia guessed correctly!

I think I should have another contest so I can offer more treats.

Stay tuned...(sheesh, that's an oldie)