Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tucson Artist Melinda: Website, Power Circles, Rant

Power Circles (oil on cradled panel © Melinda Esparza)

I've been fortunate to have my website updated recently, and I'd love for you all to have a look. I hope you'll like the front page: Artist Melinda Esparza. Thanks,  Mr. Arty Fice, for making the slide show of the three images. I hope to have more moving through in the future.  I like the whole page much better! Makes me smile...

I painted this painting today in a fit of pique. Some of you will 'get' how I feel, others may not. What is it about people who copy the work of others' and why me, three times? Oh, I know, I'm being complimented, but it doesn't feel good, I can tell you that without any hint of feeling flattered. This painting, Ah-Ree-Zoe-Nah Ski, was pretty much lifted and copied by this person. I don't know if she just doesn't know any better or not. I do know that it would only take a moment to think about it--and to include an attribution. 

Years ago when I was at the University of Arizona, we were required to copy a painting of any artist no longer living (Verboten to copy a living artist!), just so we could learn some technique. I completely agree with this and don't even mind if a person paints something from online to learn. However, that painting should never be passed off as one's own, nor should it be for sale.

That's my rant. Mr. Arty Fice sent me this from someecards and it made my day, especially after he corrected the punctuation! (Yeah, I'm in that kind of mood)

Hope you're all having a great week. I'm hoping to see rain and a bit of snow on Mt. Lemmon later this week. I think that influenced the painting...

Back to smiling.


Jeane Myers said...

good morning Melinda, oh I had such a wonderful time on your website - it's truly wonderful and set up to make a person want to explore it - oh, dear, shame on copycats - it's a very old problem and always extremely disappointing when it happens - can't tell you how many times I've run across my exact words /ideas on someone else's site a day or two after they have appeared on mine - sigh - hope all else is well in your world and that the might Zorro is mixing well in his new home xoxo

Melinda said...

Good morning, Jeane! So glad you understand, but so sorry that you've had similar experiences. PUH!! Shame on those copycats, fer sure!

Things are going really well with Diego and Zorro. They are both snuggle bugs. Zorro is a hoot with his young self scampering around with a ball or Frisbee in his mouth. They are a fearsome looking pair, though, and a lot of animal flesh to walk. Makes me feel settled and calm--like riding horses without the height!

Thank you for stopping by. Let's hope that a little public shaming will teach the ignorant not to copy, eh?

Warm hugs!
p. s. Love your photo...AND your fabulous new studio.

Donald Diddams said...

Glad you are back to smiling! There will always be copycats, and you can't let them get you down. Besides, your painting was more exciting and more you -- can't copy that!
I really like Power Circles -- all those textures and lines and gobs of paint are just wonderful. Maybe painting in a fit of pique is not such a bad thing?
And the website is lovely, draws one in. Dealing with that always falls to the bottom of the list for me...

Melinda said...

Thank you, Donald. Yes, there'll always be the copycats who have no original ideas of their own. What amazes me is that they think, If it's online, it's free.

I looked at over 200 cloud photos and paintings and none of them were like mine--except the follower who visits my blog (and looks to have copied the ideas of many others). It would be okay, as I stated, if she had given attribution and changed the colors and shapes more. Puh.

I so appreciate your thoughtful comment, as always.

Oh, yes, some of my best paintings have been completed after a dusting of pique!

Glad you like the website. So true. All things 'computer' slow me down.

Warm hugs from the desert!

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Melinda,

Thanks for letting me come and comment. It's a complicated world isn't it. And I am so happy that through this strange world I met you.
Your work inspires me daily.

Happy New Year, and great new things.