Sunday, June 23, 2013

Grand Canyon Last Year and June 16th 2013

Sunrise Grand Canyon (oil on canvas) 48" x 72" © Melinda Esparza
All weekend I've been remembering and reliving the gift of being an artist-in-residence at the Grand Canyon last year. I was there from June 21st through July 15th, 2012.

Twenty-five days. Twenty-five thousand changes, epiphanies, and a renewal of insight followed. I was able after that experience to finish (finally!) the painting of the Grand Canyon that I'd started in 2003-04.

On June 16th, I delivered the painting to its new home. Yes...SOLD!

I knew in January that this year might be like another one similar to the one ten years ago--full of challenges, embellished by tragedy and a few great blessings. I was not wrong.

Having the Grand Canyon sold is to me miraculous. The couple who bought it have waited for its completion for about two years. When the painting hung on their wall for the first time last week, we all gasped at the rightness of it on their wall. It was as though I'd been commissioned to paint it just for them, and just for that space. Maybe that is so.

The real world always bests the virtual, so I am not online as much. Yet, I think of all my old artist friends and wish every success to you all.


Jeffrey J. Boron said...

Well go big or go home girl!!

Congrats Melinda a big accomplishment, pun not intended...
I'm sure seeing it here on my screen doesn't quite cut it. Lovely work Melinda.


Melinda said...

Oh, Jeffrey! You've made my day. No, make that, week.

Thank you so much for writing that.

I think of you and Linny so often. Keep painting. Keep living to the fullest.

Warm hugs from the desert...

Linny D. Vine said...

And, I've been thinking of you, Melinda!! This is a very big and VERY beautiful painting, I'm over the moon and floating high on one of your Queen of The Clouds clouds with you and your collectors!! Thank-you for sharing all of this wonderful news.
Hugs & joy, Linny

Melinda said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you, dear Linny!

It's still mind blowing to me that the painting sold. I mean, the couple really have loved it for two years, but it was still a very big commitment to buy it.

I am always honored when you comment. And, I wish you all success with your beautiful work!

Hugs to you and yours!