Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Static, Non-Static, A Beautiful White Noise

Waking up in this new year brought a wonderful sound: rain. Made me think of Ladysmith Black Mumbazo's song "Rain, rain, rain, rain, beautiful rain." Love rain. Love that this is a new year. I'm missing all of you art bloggers this week and am glad to see you're all getting back to work! The white noise of rain is a comforting sound to accompany the static of the banal requirements of life and the anti-static beginnings of an artistic ambulation.

Karen has been very brave in listing her goals and I am inspired to follow her lead. I see that many of you are considering this new year and its possibilities. It reminds me of the book Karen recommended, A Field Guide to Getting Lost (Rebecca Solnit)--with the essay The Blue of Distance. I think about this daily now. And, consider:

Sitting in the middle of desire, peacefully observing two points: the whereas of past and present events and the wherefore of a future planned with optimism. I like this place and see great value in visiting it often. Sometimes it can appear to be the most comfortable spot to rest, wanting never to leave. But, rest is foundational not the destination. This is what I tell myself. Keep moving, step forward and carry the "Blue of distance" in a daily approach toward paint, friendship and conversation. It's okay if the horizon is always far away.

A big leap, not from the edge, but into the distance. I'm going to finish this painting, this year...oh, yes I am. This is the el gigante painting of the Grand Canyon (4 feet x 6feet) that I started more than a year ago. For your consideration, I've got a link that might cause you to dream large. Click Grand Canyon and dream with me. Tell me your dream for this year and let's see how it does come true.

"...The real problems of our culture
Can be deduced from the fact
that we name mountains after men."
--Richard Shelton (from his The last Person to Hear Your Voice, 2007)

May this year bring visions of grandness and nameless wonders to all of you!


Joan Breckwoldt said...

Hi Melinda,
Great post! I love the rain too, it's a great day when I can stay home and paint in my studio when it's raining outside. Good luck with this HUGE painting!

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Melinda,

I love this painting of the canyon, and I'm so glad to see you back from the holidays. Happy New Year, and I know it's going to be a good one.

My dream is that we all finish the work we find difficult. My dream is that I get to meet you and the other art bloggers I like to read and look at. My dream is that we all enjoy ourselves every day.

Take care,


Melinda said...

Hi Joan,
Thank you for the encouragement! I thought some bloggers might find rain unpleasant. Glad to know that rain has its fans.

Oh, it's a big painting alright. It's a bear to move around too. I'll need all the luck possible, I think, to push on through to its completion, but for now determination must do.

Melinda said...

Hello Barbara!
I'm glad that you like this humble beginning. It's nice to be back and I'm raring to go.

Your dreams are my dreams, friend. Let us look for the door to open to these things as we enjoy the work that is set before us!

Happy, Healthy, Productive New Year!

Karen said...

Welcome back! It's so good to know that you're back online. Hope your holidays were wonderful.

I'm in awe of the size, but then I think of the difficulty one of those 5" x 7"'s can give us... Of course you will finish it. Maybe you could post process pics along the way?

I like that your goal/dream, while specific to this painting, also seems open-ended. I guess I'd boil down all my goals into the single dream of "stepping forward". Isn't that huge and exciting and scary?!

Melinda said...

Hi Karen/Belinda,
Ha! Yes, I agree that a five foot canvas or a five inch canvas makes no psychological difference if you've had the joy of being intimidated by both.

We had a really nice time with our boy and it was difficult to send him off to college again. Empty nesting is for the birds...

I look forward to posting process photos as I brush away on it. Hope it doesn't drive me nuts or, drive fellow bloggers away.

You've got that so right. Step forward. And, don't look too far into the blue.