Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Tucson Museum of Art Arizona Biennial '11: Fire in the Belly and Tucson Artist Melinda

filmed by Mr. Arty Fice. There's an art idea I've been working on for about five months now. This ain't no BBQ, although my brain's cookin' with ideas. Here's a hint: Image © 2011 Melinda S. Esparza It's part of a sculpture/installation that I've been working on. It's had me so excited (and sleepless) that I just had to start sharing a bit of it with you. Painting has been tabled momentarily. The deadline for the Tucson Museum of Art's Arizona Biennial is next week. I'm working on finishing the piece and considering other works I'd like to submit. My mind might turn to ashes by then. Almost done with the fire references. Until I can show you the finished piece, enjoy the fire. Light one within yourself--to be more of who you are, to push further into how you approach your work, to allow yourself a voice. And, don't let anyone steal your flame. There!


Barbara Muir said...

Hi Melinda,

I think my brain is on fire too, so I loved the fire video (thanks to Mr. Arty Fice). Just sat watching it and trying to imagine being where you are. Interesting the sounds of traffic with the peace of the flames.

Sooo. Can't wait to see what you're working on.


Melinda said...

Hello Barbara!
That is good news to hear that your brain is on fire with new ideas and optimism.

Sometime I'll film the chiminea with a little more background. I have been thinking about a video that tries to capture the feel of the desert, or rather, the desert in the middle of the city. Our neighbor complained to me just this morning that the javelinas were nibbling on her porch plants again. Javelinas are wild desert pigs that aren't usually seen in a big city. They're mean too!

Since this isn't a sculpture blog, I'm thinking I better update this post with a painting soon.

Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. I will write more about this after the application is submitted.

Virtual hugs!

Anonymous said...

Smokin'. Hi Melinda! You've been keeping a creative idea secret for 5 months? That's tough to do, especially when you have an art blog to feed.

I'm excitedly anticipating the sculpture you will reveal. Is it something with wings? you don't have to tell me.

Melinda said...

Hi Silvina,
Ha! I love it when you come by. You're witty, thoughtful and have a great sense of humor.

Now, my new work doesn't have anything to do with the fire, but it does have a lot to do with birds as representative of something...environmental. There's a start, eh?

Oh, I'm bad, I know. I promise--more soon. Gotta submit the work first. Then, I'll share a bit.

Thank you so much for stopping by. I've missed you online.

p. s. It has truly been difficult to keep it to myself (mostly).

Donald Diddams said...

Your enthusiasm and excitement are contagious, Melinda! Good luck with your submission... and I eagerly await the time when you can share it with us.

Linny D. Vine said...


Melinda said...

Hello Donald!
I'm ever ready (ahem) to be an inspiration. However, I hope you're never as exhausted by this kind of fire.

I've been working all weekend on finishing and photographing the work.

I'm fried...

Thank you so much for your encouragement. I'll update soon!

Melinda said...

Hello dear Mistress of Linnyland Loveliness!

You're reminding me of a song, with ketchup, that is very thick and drips veeerrry slowly. Ooooh, I'm hungry now for some french fries.

Thank you so much for commenting. You know, I'll have more photos soon.

cohen labelle said...

Hi Melinda
I've been thinking about you. I love this last post - it makes me think of a book I've owned for a long time and have been meaning to read -The Psychoanalysis of Fire by Gaston Bachelard - are you familiar with his work?
I'm looking forward to your installation!!!

Melinda said...

Hi Marcia,
No, I've not heard of Gaston Bachelard, but you can bet I'll look him up now. There is something about staring at a fire, isn't there? We used to camp a lot years ago, and, of course, my family camped regularly when I was a young child. The fire was mesmerizing and stimulated so many stories. Did you ever get to camp out in the wilderness?

Thank you for stopping by and commenting. You are the sculptress. I am merely visiting the medium, but it has been fun.

Virtual hugs!

cohen labelle said...

If you consider that Canada itself is a kind of wilderness (in a civilized way of course) than yes, I have.
I happen to be mesmerized by the painting you posted recently - Feb 22 ... 'windy point...' - if you must know I find it hypnotic.
I think you are a sculptor and anything you want to be and I am taking enormous pleasure in your work and looking forward to the next offering of your delightful imagination!!!
Gaston Bachelard is definitely worth looking up. I also have his Poetics of Space and one other - something Reverie. Initially I found him difficult to get into but now I'm finding him more accessible.
xo, Marcia

Melinda said...

Thank you, Marcia. While I don't really think of Canada as a wilderness, mostly because it seems more civilized than the country to the south of you, I can't imagine camping, i. e., tenting, wood gathering, sleeping bag fluffing and bear avoiding in your neck of the woods!

Sometimes when I walk through my neighborhood, I see that we all are merely camping next to one another.

I really appreciate your words. Hypnotic, eh? Well, I like that. Thank you.

daviddrawsandpaints said...

Fascinating concept with the feathers and tin-foil and a very 'moving' piece of video by Mr Fice (so talented), only thing missing was a bit of Strat Blues to complete the mood. Here's a few suggestions:
Come on Baby Light My Fire; Walking Thro' Fire (Mary Chapman Carpenter); There's a Fire in Your Heart (Tammy Wynette); or my favourite..."Fire" by Arthur Brown.
How did it go at the Biennal?

Melinda said...

Ha! You're right, again, David! I should have had some mournful blues in the background.

The Museum's deadline for submissions was March 12th. The notifications will be around April 19th. I'll be sweating until then. If my work gets in, you'll hear me shouting.

Thank you for your ever thoughtful and witty comments.

p. s. I've been listening to Pandora online lately. I've been discovering some new to me blues players. Wonder if you've heard of Tab Benoit. He's very good too.