Saturday, September 17, 2011

Thank You, Georgia O'Keeffe. Something New. Something Sold

Took a break from working on "The Beast" (Grand Canyon painting) yesterday and experimented with this encaustic. It's on a cradled 12" x 12" encausticbord. It felt like a meditation. It may not be finished.

Ocean Meditation #1 Image © 2011 Melinda S. Esparza

I went to have my eyes examined last week (Should it really have been my head? Prolly, but that's for another day.)

Chatted with the wonderful Dr. Peterson like we were old friends. I mentioned that Georgia O'keeffe had macular degeneration throughout the final ten years of her life. How horrible that must have been for her. How awful for an artist!

Here's the thing I learned from the good doctor. She told me that new studies have shown that lutein (10mg per day) and ziaxanthin (2mg per day) can reduce the risk of developing this sight robbing disease. I ran right out and bought some, not because I have it in my family, but because it is on the rise in this country--and, because of Georgia. I hope you'll consider this for your dear artist's eyes.

Glyff Image © 2011 Melinda S. Esparza

This painting, one of my other favorites, Glyff (8" x 8") sold this week from my website. It's been a good week so far.

Better get back to work with my fancy schmancy new glasses...


Donald Diddams said...

Lutein... good idea. I've wondered sometimes to what extent artists' styles are affected by their vision.
Congratulations on another sale! That is such a great boost, far exceeeding any money that might be involved. And the piece, Glyph Image, is lovely. As is Ocean meditation #1. I love those brightly colored blobs in the foreground!
By the way, the new blogger picture viewer is excellent. Shows off your work really well!

Jeane Myers said...

interesting Melinda, the eye thingy - will have to take that under consideration - your encaustic piece is really interesting also - your colors always thrill me - new glasses - I'm on the hunt for new frames also - I know I would see much better if I paid attention and cleaned my lenses at least once a day, I mean what is so hard about that! xo

Melinda said...

You're so right, Don. You've reminded me of Monet, who had trouble seeing in his later years. When I talked to the optometrist, I thought that Georgia had spent too much time in bright sunlight without sunglasses, but the doctor said, "Not so."

Thank you for your kind words. You know, I refused to sell any work for a number years specifically because I didn't want to associate money with work. Art for me is primarily about the work. Selling a painting is icing on the cake, something I don't count on, but derive soul gratifying acknowledgement for a job well done. Either way, we work, right? And, we enjoy the ride--alone or with company (better with company...!)

Glad you like the encaustic and painting! It's been fun working in another medium for a change.

Virtual hugs to you.

Wow. I did not know that about blogger viewer. Way cool.

Melinda said...

Hello, dear Jeane,
Yes, we artists have precious eyes, worthy of extra care, even if we are so engaged with the work that we don't even want to clean our glasses! ;-)

I'm playing with this new medium and don't really feel sure-footed yet, but it is a lot of fun to see the result. I have issues about the skill of tool working, reminds me of my stained glass commission work era, but I'm getting through it. Thank you!

My glasses were made with the new Digital Lens Technology (I think that's what it's called). Mirabile dictu, I can see as if I were thirty-something again! I was blind, but now I see!

I think October is going to be a great month!

Virtual hugs to you and yours!

Linny D. Vine said...

Happy news all around and beautiful paintings, Melinda! Congratulations to you and your lucky collector!!(Thank-you for sharing the good drs suggestion.)

Melinda said...

Thank you, Linny!
I do want all my artist friends to have great eyesight and live to be one hundred!

laura said...

Love that streak of red on top in your Glyph painting; and the Ocean Meditation promises to be a beautiful series: #1 is lovely.
Thanks for the recommendations too!

Melinda said...

Hello Laura,
I'm so glad you like the Glyph painting. A touch of red can be a strong statement, yes?

I really appreciate your comment about Ocean Meditation #1. I'm still feeling pretty new at encaustic. It's just so very different from painting!

Yes, hope you can get by and visit the Inn!