Monday, March 19, 2012

Hail! Snow! Tucson Artist, Melinda, Remembers Another Snowy Day in Arizona

Sabino Canyon on a Snowy Day (oil on artists' board 9" x 12") 
© 2012 Melinda S. Esparza

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I've heard that things are pretty warm back East. Isn't that something? The wind came to Tucson, bringing clouds El Gigante, followed by hail and a few flakes of snowy stuff. It was grand.

It'll prolly be hot as heck next week, but right now, it's so wonderful to walk in the brisk, cool air wearing gloves and a scarf.

Even though I was distracted by this wondrous weather, I did manage to paint. This, Abiquiu Ancestors (Forest Road 154, Abiquiu, NM), might be done--might be--not quite sure. The painting at the top is of Sabino Canyon on a snowy day.

Abiquiu Ancestors Oil on Canvas 30" x 30" © 2012 Melinda S. Esparza

Oh, how the desert sparkles when it snows!


Donald Diddams said...

Oh, wow! What you did to Abiquiu Ancenstors really makes the colors pop! I mean, that sky!! And the unifying washes lend solidity to the whole piece. I love it!

The palette on Sabino Canyon is so different than what you have been working with. It's almost as if some of that spilled over into Abiquiu...
It's interesting how one's palette and favorite colors can shift with the seasons, the weather, travels, and yes, even moods.

Jeane Myers said...

Hey Melinda, wow, some of our weather must have made a quick stop in your neighborhood - happy first day of spring!! painting as usual stellar!!! xo

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Melinda,

Awesome paintings. How strange it is that the weather from north to south was reversed. We are having high heat for this region.

Your work is a complete delight.


Melinda said...

Hi Don,
I think it was the four quarts of oil paint, and subsequent scraping and layering that did the trick. This painting has taught me a lot. Now, the Sabino painting was an experiment with palette knives, and it was influenced by my work on Abiquiu--and vice versa. It was a kinder experience on a lovely, cloudy, cool rainy day.

Thanks for making my day today. I so appreciate your enthusiasm. Wind in my sails...

Melinda said...

Hello Jeane,

What a delight it was to have a storm visit from the north! Love. It.

Happy spring day to you too! Thank you for visiting and commenting. It's always a treat.

Virtual hugs.

Melinda said...

Hi Barbara,

Yes! It is quite odd weather. Oh, but so wonderful not to be sweating too soon, as we have some years.

You're kind. I'm glad you like my paintings.

Warm (well almost warm, partly cool) hugs from the desert.

Bridget Hunter said...

Have you heard the expression " I could just eat that painting"? That's how I feel about these two paintings.Wonderful.

Melinda said...

Hello Bridget,

Ha! Oh, you've added icing to the cake for a great day. Thank you so much. I do wonder if they are really successful. It's sometimes hard to know.

You are a wonderful painter. I admire your skill in smearing paint.

Warm hugs from the desert.

Jeffrey J. Boron said...

Gloves and scarf...good grief will wonders never cease!

Lovely paintings Melinda, especially fond of the 'Abiquiu Ancestors'. Gotta luv those jump out at ya colours!!


Melinda said...

It was a beautiful moment, I tell ya, Jeffrey! A cold and rainy day in Tucson is equivalent to a warm and sunny day there in the winter time. Very special, yes?

Thank you. I think I'm okay with the Abiquiu Ancestors now. At least I'm not fighting with it.

Warm hugs to you and yours!

Edgar said...

You're getting so good with the knife, we're gonna have to start calling you "Doctor!"

Love the mixture of impasto and scribbling in your paint treatment -- it looks like a record of a lovely conversation that you've had with the canvas.

Melinda said...

Ha! And, the patient lived!

Thank you. I'll try to keep talking.