Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Windy Point, Mount Lemmon

Spurred to post after a weekend and one sleepless night, I've got a study of Windy Point on Mount Lemmon. I think I need to go back into this and finish the right foreground by adding in some manzanita. The first hour was pretty rough going and I almost tossed this. But, using a palette knife, I put down a bunch of paint and that seemed to clear the way to go forward. I learned a lot from this process. I used a fairly limited palette and went back in today adding some glazing. The lookout from Windy Point is spectacular during the monsoon season and this day delivered some exceptional colors and light. The crowds were polite, the dogs obedient, but the public restrooms reminded us occasionally of our humanity...

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Edgar said...

It looks like your perseverence paid off; it's a great skill to have. I like the limitations you put on yourself for this one: the limited palette has kept it fresh, and the new glazing and palette has introduced depth and separation of the elements. Nice job!

I think a few more manzanitas will help make that front edge be local to the viewer... good idea.

It's very generous of you to share your work in progress -- we get a peek at your thought process, and how you solve your problems. Thank you.