Sunday, July 13, 2008

Journal study

Here is a view of the Sonoita Hills from a photo I took last year. Sonoita, Arizona is about 45 miles southeast of Tucson. There is quite an uproar going on right now about a Canadian mining company that is determined to begin mining in these hills within the next couple of years. This view is very popular with plein air painters. App. 2" x 3"


Edgar said...

Great choice: vertical cropping of the image! I'm fascinated by the unique choices artists make about what they are painting... what to emphasize, what to leave out.

Wouldn't it be cool if you could link this to other painters' paintings of the same view or area? It would make an interesting theme, about what people choose to depict, and how -- even if the other artists didn't jump in, per se, it would function as a "virtual show" with a subject of locale. As viewers, we could discuss amongst ourselves.

I wonder how you find other's paintings on the same subject?

Melinda said...

Often what interests me are compositional elements--angles, shapes, a striking item in a view. It's good to try cropping vertically as well as horizontally, when setting up, to see what kind of reaction one gets. As you know, this scenic rest area along highway 83 is a great place for artists to paint. The tight angles of the hills against the magnificent Santa Ritas beg to be sketched, drawn or painted. An artist could go there again and again making many choices about the elements to include or omit. Now there's an idea...