Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Recipe for a Vicarious Desert Experience

The monsoon has taken a break here in Arizona. We're getting temperatures of 107 to 109 degrees (41.6 to 42.7 Celsius). And it's brutally hot. For those of you unaccustomed to these extremes, I have a way for you to simulate the desert in the height of summer heat, from the comfort of your own home:

Melinda's Tangy Summer Salsa
or Oh Yeah, It's a Dry Heat Fajita

Preheat oven to 300 degrees (148.8 Celsius).
Wait ten minutes.
Open oven door.
Lean in, placing arms one third of the way into said oven, taking care not to touch any metal baking racks.
Hold still, with face at the edge of heat, and count to fifteen.
When you feel a kind of stinging/burning sensation on your arms and face...scream bloody hell and...
Remove pained limbs and transformed countenance and splash with cold water.
Dry with a soft towel.
Fix a soothing libation of your choice and,
Give thanks that you are in a cooler climate.

Patagonia Shadow (6" x 8") oil on Art Board.


Jeane Myers said...

LOL! well we are in a heat wave here, albeit, not over a 100, but in the high 90's -very toasty - I really like the colors in this painting

Melinda said...

Hi Jeane,
I just heard that Seattle is having a 100 degree day today. Yikes. That has to be very tough. The 90s can be unbearable if you're not used to it. Personally, I think any temp over 75 degrees is too high...

Stay cool!

So glad you got a laugh from this!

Karen said...

Beautifully elemental (I mean nothing here is wasted) painting!!

Okay then, I will write you a recipe for a Chicago winter experience in a few months then! :)

Edgar said...

LOL! Such a vivid image. Yes, the sunlight hurts. Immediately.

But, now you've got me thinking about Fajitas and salsa... maybe a few hot peppers to help break a sweat, too!

kathrynlaw said...

Yeow! That's pretty darn hot, even for a dry heat. LOL at the oven analogy, that's priceless. Really nice painting too!

Barbara Muir said...
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Barbara Muir said...

Hi Melinda,

The worst thing about winter (I'm trying to cool you down) is ice. Snow is not horrible except that you have to shovel it (and it's usually warmer if it's snowing), freezing temperatures can usually be solved with warm, down clothing. But ice is bad. To experience this. Throw ice cubes all over your air conditioned (sorry) kitchen floor and crush them. Have someone grind ice in the blender and make a lot so they can throw it on you as you attempt to cross the kitchen in flat soled boots. Now slip and fall. Baddddd.
Now even if you're not really hurt swear and yell -- "I hate winter." then make a rum toddy and chill in a flannel nightie with a good book.

(Of course my friend in Nova Scotia found really good gripper things to put on your boots easily and that solves this problem. Plus salt or organic icing things solve it, and winter tires definitely improve driving on it, and if worst comes to worst you can stay inside for a day or so until it's gone.).

Tried your recipe for heat last night and it really worked.


P.S. I deleted my comment because I put the wrong name on it. I guess
I'm suffering from the heat, plus I didn't tell you how magnificent this painting is! It is really wonderful.



Melinda said...

Hi Karen,
Thank you so much for your kind comment.

Alright now, I'm gonna hold you to it--that recipe for your Chicago winter!!


Melinda said...

Hey Edgar, that was a good idea to have tamales, beans and rice from Larua's last night.

Guess I should write some more recipes, yes?

Melinda said...

Thank you, Kathryn! I'm glad if I made you laugh. When it's this hot, there isn't much else to do.

Glad you like the painting, too.

Melinda said...

Hi Barbara,
Oh my, that's great!! Yikes. I see that ice can be quite treacherous.

You're hilarious! To think of crushing ice on the kitchen floor and then trying to walk horrifies me. I can see why staying indoors is the only option.

There are many people in Tucson, in fact most of them, who are transplants from snowy areas. They moved here just because they never, ever wanted to shovel snow again.

I can see that. Although, I don't have any real experience with snow.

LOL! I really loved the bit about crushed ice being thrown in one's face while trying to cross the room. Funny now. Not so funny when you have to live it, right?!

I'm so glad you tried the recipe. I hope it's one you can take to potlucks...or at least, use this winter.

Thank you, too, for your kind comment about the painting.

Anonymous said...

I like this painting. You distill each element into the simplest shape making a bold statement. Takes courage to paint that way. I know because I've tried, then I fuss with it until I've lost the freshness.

I wonder if anyone noticed the funny labels for this post.

Melinda said...

I'm really, really, really trying to simplify, Silvina! I think I need to push further in this endeavor, but I'm on my way.

There is a part of me that must go back and do other, more realistic, work every once in awhile. So, I'm hoping to have something with people soon.

Ha! I just started putting in silly tag words and Karen inspired me to keep at it.

Thank you!

Don Coker said...

Melinda, your work speaks of the heat of the Southwest. It's deceptively simple. Keep up the great work!


Melinda said...

Welcome, Don! So glad you stopped by. I dream of being deceptively simple...and hope to fulfill the spirit of your kind comment.

Linny D. Vine said...

Feeling HOT HOT HOT!!! Your painting is cool, Melinda - your clouds are a wonderful texture.
My motto this week has been "Put your hands in the air, like you don't care!" and for you it could be that the the raising of the arms creates some kind of air current before you dive into something (anything) cool...or???
(I wish you cooler weather-very soon!!!)

Melinda said...

You make me smile, Linny!! Thank you so much for your cool weather wishes.

We do have access to a pool, so we can get a little relief. I'm beginning to think I'm just a big baby when it comes to heat.

I will practice putting my hands in the air like I don't care...and soon, it will be cooler here. At least it's not Phoenix--with temps at 107 degrees at 11 PM at night!!