Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tucson Open Studio: Poem, Painting, Monotype

Thinking about the moon a lot. And, the night sky: 

Ease of Night Light O Luna, nightlight for the worried insomniac, 
Your golden shape floating like a banana boat gliding across 
The darkened sea above. 
Why do you sneak out so late? 
To whisper lovely, impossible secrets in the ear of the weary? 
To soothe a restless heart with a thousand questions? 
I think I hear one of your poems in a language of color And mist-- The values, a softened gray, layering the plane. 
My head is bowed, but my eyes swim in your neon glow. 'Waking is the dream," you speak,' 
'Fall up into my orbit and let go.' 
'And I, decorated for travel, will melt unruly monsters, like a dollop of honey on a warm, indigo plate.' Poem © 2010 Melinda S. Esparza Image © 2010 Melinda S. Esparza In a way, this 8" x 8," oil on artists' board painting, reminds me of some of the recent night skies. This monotype is one that I worked on a year ago, but never uploaded here. I thought those of you who've been following my blog would want to see something new as I go through the works for the Tucson Artists' Open Studios Tour. Is she a nighthawk? Image © 2010 Melinda S. Esparza Now, for a bit of shameless self-promotion: One of my favorites! The painting that made it into the Tucson Museum of Art's Arizona Biennial '09 Sabino Hill on a Snowy Day Image © 2010 Melinda S. Esparza Wrangling the warm clothing this week. More soon. Have a great week!


SamArtDog said...
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SamArtDog said...

This poem is a pretty painting, all honey and warm indigo, but the wind is freezing.

Sabino Hill is stunning!

Edgar said...

How can you have gotten such a large share of talent?

I don't know what wavelength we've been on, but I have had the moon on my mind a lot lately, too. It is both an enigma and a companion -- which is almost a contradiction in terms.

So glad you posted the bird-like monoprint. I love that image: it's savage, surreal and serene all at the same time. Like the moon, a little bit of an enigma.

You are going to ROCK the Open Studio Tour.

Anonymous said...

"Fall up into my orbit and let go." Surreal, yet I almost feel like I could do it.

Nighthawk or night owl. Fantastic image. Primal. I could swear there's a trout trying to creep in on the lower right corner.

Best of luck to you for the Open Studios Tour! Take pictures, kay?

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Melinda,
I am overwhelmed, both by the art -- sooooo good, and the beauty of the poem. A magical post. Thank you.
Good luck with the warm clothing. It was 20 degrees Celsius here today, but I think that heat is over!

Weird weather.


Jeane Myers said...

good morning Melinda, I'm so taken with your monotype - it's so strong and self promotion is not shameful, congratulations :)

daviddrawsandpaints said...

In future I will never travel anywhere unless it is on a banana boat!

The night sky captures the great excitement I feel when I look upwards on a clear night (sadly few and far between) to see Jupiter and his four moons, and Mars, and Hartley's Comet (presently in Gemini).

And if we could see the Nighthawk's hands I'm sure she would have brushes in in one and a colour-laden palette in the other :o)

As for simplicity and directness of Sabino Hill, who wouldn't want to venture there on a snowy day? I'll get my sledge out now.

Linny D. Vine said...

Oh! Magical Melinda! All three are so incredible but I'm gonna be in the forcasted rumble over the monotype. (She's gorgeous!!!)

Melinda said...

I'm really glad you like the poem as a painting, SamArtDog.

Sorry that the wind was freezing. How is it now?

Ah, yes, Sabino Hill...the one that changed my life forever.

Virtually warm hugs to you. Wish I could give you and all our artist blogger friends hugs this week.

Stay warm.

Melinda said...

Edgar--"A large share..."? Hmmm. I beg to differ, but that's another story. One that includes the usual angst filled answer, mumbled over a hot cup of Tension Tamer tea, after stepping away from all that I have known.

Well, there's always "Roy Barko."
I could do that, not.

Melinda said...

You know, Silvina, I had been planning to post the poem earlier, but when I read your elegy to your grandmother, I was inspired to offer up my humble effort. I'm glad you like that line. Don't you feel that you could float up into the moon's beauty after staring at it pensively on a quiet night? It draws us in and sometimes for conversations, yes?

I was very unsure about the monotype. Timid. Couldn't tell if it was anything.

Yes, I see the trout there. I like that, unintended by me, but makes the image more interesting to read.

How I wish you could stop by. It will be simple, but would be embellished with elegance with your presence and kind spirit.

Thank you! Thank you! I will take as many photos as I can. :-)

Melinda said...

Hi Barbara!
Thank you, dear artist. It means a great deal to me, that you enjoy these works.

I so love cold weather! I love the gloves. I love the sweaters. I love my hat, and I especially love to wear socks: cushy, soft, warm padded socks! To wear layers of clothing and have a bit of style--a dream for me.

It's like when I drove my MGB long ago with the top down in freezing weather and had the heater turned up full blast. Ahhhh--Harmonious balance.

Yes, weird, joyous weather. Hope you're enjoying it for awhile.

Melinda said...

Oh, Jeane,
Thank you for writing that. I never really want to do anything that seems arrogant and I know that sharing the work, even those pieces that I am most proud of is never that. But, sometimes I'm so very pleased with a work (you'll understand this) that it doesn't feel like it's mine at all. It feels like it has a life of its own...and I happen to love it! So, it feels strange and right to be enthusiastic about a piece that is no longer completely mine.

This monotype has been locked up in the red studio and has politely requested to come out.

Thank you for the encouragement.

Melinda said...

Hi David!
Your comments are poetry. I cannot match your eloquence and emotion, but am thankful for your sharing your thoughts.

If ever the monotype becomes a painting, you just might be right about what she is holding.

Sabino Hill would be happy to welcome you in your quest for simplicity, directness and for a place of tranquility.

Melinda said...

Hi Linny!
Really?! Really?! That would be fabulous. She's made it into the strawbale studio. Will she be received with enthusiasm by visitors?

Well, let there be rumble...

I'll let you know. ;-}

Thank you!

cohen labelle said...

Melinda, i love this beautiful poem every bit as much as i do your painting and print making. It is filled with the same incredible imagery, lyricism and humor I've come to associate with both you and your beautiful work!
xo, Marcia

Anonymous said...

So talented in so many ways.

Anonymous said...

Wow, three really beautiful pieces, each with it's own feeling! And your poem, ending with that great line about "melt[ing] unruly monsters, like a dollop of honey on a warm, indigo plate." I love that imagery. I can tell you are just getting warmed up for the studio tours!

Betsy Grant said...

Love your poem! As well as the art as always...

Melinda said...

Hello Marcia!
You are too kind. Thank you so much for such generous words. If you only knew how inept with words I feel--and some days, inept with paint!

Melinda said...

Hi Jean,
Don't you think all of us artists are multi-talented?

I'll bet you are.

Thank you!

Melinda said...

Yes, Don, I'm trying to get warmed up. At least the temps around here are warm!

I always appreciate your presence here and hope you are creating more fabulous works.

Melinda said...

Thank you, Betsy!

It means a lot to me that you stop by and comment.

Jala Pfaff said...

Superb, all of it. Poem is a beauty too.

Melinda said...

You're very kind, Jala. Thank you!

I have no aspirations to be a poet, but sometimes the words do come to visit.