Saturday, October 2, 2010

Tucson Artists' Open Studio Tour: Getting Ready for Showtime!

It's official. Tucson Pima Arts Council's website link to the upcoming Tucson Open Studio Tour is up and clickable. Of course, I'm right there with over two hundred other Tucson artists preparing their studios, looking over work, thinking about the success of last year's event and getting excited to meet people who love art and support the artist community here. It's gonna be a blast. I'll have new work and my favorites from this past year and beyond. It would be great if I could see you all here November 13th and 14th. You'll be welcomed with decaf green tea with my harvest of prickly pear juice and some homemade (okay, a mix from the store, but baked by me!) gluten free chocolate chip cookies that will have some locally harvested mesquite flour tossed as a treat. Yum. I'll do taste tests in the next week or so... For the run up, I'm thinking about some works that I'm happy with, that haven't been seen for awhile: Ah--Ree-Zoe--Na Ski (8" x 8," oil on artists' board) Daydream Sabino (8" x 8," oil on artists' board) Catalina Palimpsest (5" x 7," oil on artists' board) Hope you are all having a great weekend, painting away, dreaming of beautiful fall days.


Barbara Muir said...

Oh boy am I tempted. Maybe I could
win the lottery or, or. I would love to walk in the door and see these paintings, which have spiritual significance for me. I would feel so delighted to have your decaf green. I would be beyond happy. And buying. Because I would have won the lottery and I'd be so rich I'd buy every one of those delicious cloud paintings and fly back to Canada laughing, knowing I'd done one of the smartest things I'd ever done.

Have a super time, and enjoy it all. But let me see am I free November 13th? I'd sure like to be.


SamArtDog said...

These paintings are a real meringue-y merengue! What fun to go to the OST site to view your map! Your house is remarkable.

Melinda said...

Hi Barbara!
Hey, if you win the lottery, I'll pressure you to drop in. I know you'll love our weather in November. It would feel like spring or even summer to you.

That's a great image you've given. I love it. I picture you laughing and flying and enjoying the paintings!

Thank you so much. I can only hope that my open studio will be as fun and successful as yours.

We can dream, you know.

Melinda said...

Hi SamArtDog,
Whoo-hoo! I love your description of my paintings. I can definitely see what you're talking about.

Our house? Well, it is unique, I'll admit. Remarkable? Hmmm. If we had a gazillion dollars we could make it truly remarkable, but different (old adobe, frame and stucco and strawbale addition) it most definitely is.

Did you look at the street view? That gets you traveling all around the property. Kinda fun.

Thank you. Wish you could stop by too...

Linny D. Vine said...

It looks and sounds delicious! I know that I've said it before but I love "Day Dream Sabino" - they're all very special, Melinda! May you have every success and please know that I'm joining from Linnyland.

Jeane Myers said...

I truly like each of these paintings very much Melinda - you're so good!

Bonnie Luria said...

Those were some of my favorite pieces but now as I write this I realize that every painting of yours is a favorite. So my relief ( which is only by some way a consolation to myself that I can't be there ) is that I don't have to be faced with which one to buy.
I'd like them all please.
I love the way your work reflects where you live with such gestural strokes.
Feel the clouds, the heat, the big sky and the mystical grounds surrounding you.

Nothing like an open studio tour to get the vacuum going and the cob webs going too.

Have fun Melinda.

SamArtDog said...

Yeah, street view. That's the one I called remarkable. I'll stick with that. The colors, the shapes, and that tree!

Melinda said...

Thank you so much, Linny. I will dream of your lovely spirit visiting and sharing in the day. Your artwork inspires me and I'm honored that you like Daydream Sabino.

Melinda said...

Hi Jeane!
Oh my, you do know how to make a girl's day, don't you? Wow. I'm glad that you like all of them. Wish I had time to do more experimenting right now, plus landscapes. Maybe I need to take a page from your blog and go shopping?!

Your process and your work keep me going and asking questions.

Melinda said...

Hello Bonnie,
Well, I think you have a webcam into my house and studio! That's just what I've been doing--spring cleaning like a mad woman. It's good. On the other hand, I feel edgy about getting back to smearing paint.

Ha! You are so kind to want all of these paintings. Medicine for the artist's soul, your words. Win the lottery. Travel the world. Stop on by sometime!

Melinda said...

Ha! SamArtDog,
That tree you like has a magical story. One day our little parakeet, Chirpa, flew outside and all around the fence that encircles our property. He then flew up into that gigantic eucalyptus tree. We fretted all day, calling to him, standing outside holding our hands out in the landing gesture, watching for hawks. Mr. Artyfice even got a tall ladder and tried to climb the tree from on top of the studio to no avail.
Sunset came, and we were distraught. In a last ditch effort, we set up a chair in the middle of the yard with his cage on it, and a floodlight shining down on it, lighting his way home. After a few minutes, he flew effortless to his cage and had a snack. That tree was his safe place. He died a happy budgie about a year later, but only flew the rooms of our house after that!

Here endeth Chirpa's excellent adventure.

Melinda said...

...Sheesh. I do hate it when I have typos. I did mean to write "effortlessly."

cohen labelle said...

Melinda, You're darn right it's gonna be a blast! You took the words right out of my mouth. And I so wish I could be there, to see, breathe, hear and smell your marvelous, paintings! So much energy and exuberance.
Oh those lucky people who will get to walk around, stand back and enjoy!

Edgar said...

I'm so excited about the Open Studio! You have so much good stuff for people to see and discuss. Psyched!

Jeffrey J. Boron said...

Lovely paintings Melinda...hope you have some replacements to fill the holes when these one's are 'gone'!!

Hmmmm now where did I put that magic carpet....???


Anonymous said...

Wow, what excitement! And your wonderful expressive art. Sure wish I could be there to see your work and your studio in person -- and to tell your new patrons how smart they are to be carrying home some of your work!

Melinda said...

Many virtual hugs, Marcia! Thank you so much for your vote of confidence. How I do wish you could be here.

It would be so great to have you and all of our fellow art bloggers stop in.

I'll be thinking of you on those days!

Melinda said...

Yeah, Edgar, definitely psyched!

Thank you. And, thanks for all of your help, in advance!

Melinda said...

Hi Jeffrey!
Uh, oh. I better get to work...not just cleaning the place!

Thank you about the paintings. I would love for them to find good homes, and will miss them, too.

Melinda said...

Hi Donald,
Ah, you're so kind. Thank you so much. It would be beyond cool if you could stop in. I know. I know. And, I understand. But, maybe someday...You never know.

Your work is a constant inspiration and I'm grateful for your support--more than I can express in words.

Jala Pfaff said...

Thanks for the shout-out. Wish I could come. I just know some of those cookies will have my name on them.
How is your dog Kate?

Melinda said...

Yes, Jala, I have about six cookies with your name on them! They are very tasty and do not stimulate much of a sugar rush, which is great 'cause one can eat more!

I wish you could be here, too.

Kate continues to be on the ragged edge. I'll do an update soon. There is a story...